Benefits of Dental Anesthesia Services

Patients overcoming dental fear with thoughts using anesthesia during their visit.Dental anesthesia, whether it be IV sedation, general anesthesia, or non intravenous sedation is highly beneficial for patients who wish to sleep through their dental visit, wish to consolidate multiple appointments into a single visit, have a fear of needles, or hate the noises, smells and tastes associates with dental care. Dental anesthesia is also advantageous for patients who are medically compromised, phobic, highly anxious, heavy gaggers, special needs patients, those with very sensitive teeth, patients having difficulty getting numb from traditional local anesthetics (Novocaine).

You will be monitored and cared for utilizing the same standards provided in typical outpatient surgical centers and hospitals. Our facility is a Florida state-certified general anesthesia facility, meaning that our facility has exceeded all of the rigorous state safety inspection requirements and regulations required in order to safely offer these services to the public. Prior to receiving any anesthesia, a pre-treatment thorough medical and dental history will be obtained by your anesthesia provider, in addition to being provided with written and verbal pre and post treatment instructions, including the need not to eat or drink after midnight and to come to your visit with a responsible adult driver.