Saira Ali, RDH

Meet Our Dental Hygienist 

Saira always starts her day with upbeat energy and works with the highest level of enthusiasm, looking out for the best interest of her patients to keep them smiling. Saira started her career as a dental hygienist in 2010 and has been an important health care provider of Plantation Dental & Anesthesia Associates since 2020. Saira earned her degree in dentistry in 2003 from Baqai Medical University, Pakistan and practiced there for two years. Saira then settled in South Florida in 2006, gaining her dental hygiene licensure in the State of Florida, as well as her training by acquiring her local anesthesia licensure. 

Saira maintains her continuing education credentialing and course work to keep herself updated with the latest studies and current concepts in dental hygiene. From the start of her career, Saira always held passion for dental hygiene and patient centered care, as that is the key to a healthy and disease-free individual. Saira is known for having a remarkable way of connecting with her patients. 

Saira along with Dr. Coletti and Dr. Duarte constantly work on educating the patients to help themselves improve their oral hygiene practices delivering a pearly white smile. Saira is happily married for 18 years and has two boys, a middle schooler and a high schooler, dedicating herself to not only her family but improving the lives of her patients in large and small ways, one smile at a time.